3 Ways to Fix Bad Dog Breathe

Is there anything more cute than your dog greeting you at the door when you get home from a long day at work ready to play? Probably not, but how annoying is it when you bend down to say hello and get a full breathe of some stinky breathe! It’s time to take control of your fury friend’s foul mouth.

Here are 3 Ways to Fix Bad Dog Breathe

Chew Toys

Giving your dog a toy might just be the trick to getting rid of that stinky breathe. Some toys even come equipped with certain textures and flexible materials that act as brushes for your dog’s gums and teeth. If your dog like to play with balls we recommend switching to a ball with this special feature to counteract the bad breathe.  There are plenty of chew toys that offer this feature so be on the lookout when you are at the local pet store.

Water Additives

It is a pain to try and brush the teeth of most dogs. They don’t want to sit and have you hold up their lips to get to those teeth. Even if you have a great behaving dog it is hard to reach the trouble areas that might be causing the bad breathe problems. One way to make sure you are getting to those areas is by using a water additive like Tropiclean Fresh Breathe to remove plaque and other bad breathe culprits. Just add the recommended amount to your dog’s water bowl and this cleaner will help freshen your dog’s breathe.

Dental Sticks

Probably one of the easiest ways to get rid of stinky breathe is to load up on some DentaStix from Pedigree. These can be found at pretty much every pet store or grocery store. These are extremely popular and have rave reviews from both veterinarians and consumers. They seem to taste great as our dog Chloe pounds them down fairly quickly. Since we have switched to this do treat her breathe has greatly improved.



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