200 Gallon Filter Aquarium Tank Fish Canister 9 W Sterilizer 525 GPH


The short disconnect coupling at the best surface (cover lid) permit you to separate the hoses from the canister clear out with out emptying it. Adjustable waft by the use of adapter lever.
The clear out trays/cases can also be filled one after the other and feature sensible handles. The prefilter lying on best retains coarse dirt efficiently and prolongs considerably the life of biological clear out materials. Simple to take away and clean and can also be re-used.
5 stages of filtration
9w UV powered
In-built UV kills harmful virus and parasites
Suggest for tanks underneath 200 gallons
Maximum waft rate of 525GPH from In-built pump
Comes with Complete kit
11.5″x11.5″19″ in Dimensions
110-120V 50-60Hz
Do away with all harmful viruses and bacteria
Can adjust to suit larger gallon tanks
Integrated UV kill switch

Included with this package:
1x Input and Output Discreteness
1x Barrel Head
1x Main Canister Body
1x 9W UV Light Bulb
2x 5 feet lengths of flexible tubing
1x Draining Tray Cover
4x Draining Trays
1x Output Curvy Bar
1x Input Curvy Bar
2x Attached Bars
2x Spray Bars
1x Spray Bar Cover
1x Dirtiness entrance
1x Joint of Dirtiness entrance
3x Input Bars
1x Input Cover
3x white-fine Pad Cottons pads
Please realize all canister filters undergo water pressurize take a look at before boxing by the manufacture to make sure there aren’t any leaking. There perhaps condensation still entice within the filters. Please be assured!


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