32″ Tadpole Scoop Net – Case Pack 144 SKU-PAS295900

DDI – 27″ Bug and Fish Scoop Net (1 pack of 24 items)
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The inside track Internet is useful tool for buying youngsters outside and in touch with nature. Perfect for scooping up tadpoles, fish and different water residing creatures. May also be used for catching butterflies, beetles and more. After observing animals, simply in moderation unlock them to their herbal habitat. Nets have bamboo handles and various colour nets together with: purple, yellow, inexperienced and blue. Pole is packaged unfastened with a hold tag. Measures 27″ from finish to finish with a 6 3/four” x 8″ scoop.
DDI – 27″ Bug and Fish Scoop Internet (1 percent of 24 pieces)
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