A16930 AquaClear Impeller Assembly, 70 Powerhead

A16930 AquaClear impeller assembly can be used with AquaClear 70 powerhead
Powerhead improves water circulation and filtration
Durable and easy to replace


The AquaClear Impeller Meeting is a substitute phase for the AquaClear 70 Powerhead. Including an AquaClear Powerhead to an below gravel device will increase water go with the flow via a gravel substrate and improves its filtering potency.
A16930 AquaClear impeller Meeting can be utilized with AquaClear 70 powerhead
Powerhead improves water stream and filtration
Sturdy and simple to exchange
This merchandise suits the AquaClear 70/802 Energy Head (A570)
If you’re searching for handiest precise clear out search for A636 AquaClear Impeller Meeting that’s every other product


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