Aquarium Float Valve Plastic Adjustable for Aquarium Reverse Osmosis System

All Plastic
Corrosion resistant
Easy to install

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The Purely H2O plastic drift valves are great for automatic level keep an eye on applications. Our valves are utterly corrosion resistant and easiest for salt water and RO water where metal valves cant be used. Our plastic drift valve is small and Simple to put in with inbuilt 1/2 inch threaded bulkhead input. Plastic parts stay from freezing up because of rust or corrosion. There’s a small chrome steel cotter pin on the swivel point above the waterline. You are going to love this valve or your a reimbursement! No questions! A drift valve is used to keep an eye on the extent of liquid in a storage container and save you overflow and flooding. It is extremely not unusual for folks to take a look at to manually fill a container and overlook about it just long enough for the container to overflow and flood the realm they’re working in. Installing a drift valve within the container lets you leave and go about your day by day activities with no need to fret about coming home to a swimming pool on your lounge.
All Plastic
Corrosion resistant
Simple to put in
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