AquaTop Aquarium Fish Net 8″ – Flexible FN8S – Small Hole Mesh

Won’t corrode or rust
Won’t snag gills or fins
Patent-pending flexible design


Transporting fish and different farm animals can also be stressful for each creature and human. That is why Aquatop designed a different line of fish nets that reduces this stress. With premium comfortable nylon mesh, Those nets are appropriate for contemporary and saltwater and use a patented design with a versatile Internet and Maintain connection. The patented design lets in for the online to retain memory so it bends again into place. The tightly woven nylon mesh is engineered to be stress loose for you and your aquatic creatures, at the same time as the fine comfortable nylon mesh reduces the danger of your fish trapping its gills or barbs. Those nets also are perfect for casting off particles, uneaten fish meals and browsing the skin of the aquarium. Nets and handles vary size-wise.
Would possibly not corrode or rust
Would possibly not snag gills or fins
Patent-pending versatile design
Internet size 11.8″ x 9.8″
Maintain size 17.7″


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