Bio Groom Stain Free

For Dogs Only
100% Fragrance Free
All Natural Ingredients


Bio Groom Stain Free Hypo-Allergenic Underneath Eye Stain Duvet Cream White has been particularly advanced to mix away tear stains and imperfections on white hair. Repeated use will progressively lighten stained spaces for the reason that cream coating supplies coverage from the discoloring effects of tears at the pores and skin and hair Underneath the eyes. * Hypo-Allergenic, one hundred% Perfume Free, all natural ingredients. Instructions: Practice with fingertips. Lightly rub on stained spaces. Keep away from getting right away into eyes. with hooked up comb/brush mixture smoothly distribute the cream the usage of simply sufficient to hide the stained spaces. Dimension: 7 oz..
For Dogs Handiest
one hundred% Perfume Free
All Natural Ingredients
This unbelievable product in an instant blends away tear stains and imperfections on white hair.


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