BiOrb Intelligent Heater


The Biorb Intelligent Heater has a inbuilt sensor that robotically adjusts the temperature 3000 times per minute to keep a relentless temperature to your aquarium. It’s constituted of polycarbonate which makes it a lot more durable than traditional glass warmers. Since this can be a small disc it takes up less space inside of your tank and you’ll place it on the bottom as a substitute of suctioning it to the side of the aquarium. Reef One’s Description – It could not be more uncomplicated to make use of. Simply plug-in and drop-in. The heater is permanently set to 24.5°C. A built-in sensor checks and adjusts the water temperature 3000 times a minute and is accurate to 0.5°C. Accuracy approach it is more cost effective. The Intelligent Heater uses less electricity than a conventional aquarium heater. Generally, it costs just pence per day to run. It is a difficult little thing. Traditional aquarium warmers are constituted of glass. The Intelligent Heater is constituted of polycarbonate which is way stronger. This implies you’ll safely place the heater inside of your décor with out fear of damaging it. Small, but mighty. The Intelligent Heater is acceptable for all the biOrb range and an identical sized home aquariums.


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