Cover Me by Tui Adjustable Fit Puppy Print Pullover with Long Sleeve for Pets, X-Small

Built in potty cover for quick and convenient trips outside
100-Percent Peruvian Cotton which is very durable, breathable and washable with double stitching and reinforcements throughout
Adjustable fit for the tummy or chest area fits even the most slender pups


Nice New Alternative to the E-Collar Patent pending Quilt me By Tui with adjustable have compatibility. The Quilt me By Tui is a post-surgical pet garment designed to lend a hand save you your pet from licking or chewing after surgery, hot spot spaces or allergies where pets may lick or disturb the realm. The Quilt me by tui is available in 2 Styles. The Pullover and the Step-Into both have Inbuilt potty covers, which makes it simple to move potty with out taking off the Quilt me by Tui. There are 7 other sizes that come briefly and long sleeve that have compatibility each and every breed from Chihuahua to Nice Dane.
Inbuilt potty Quilt for speedy and convenient journeys outdoor
one hundred-% Peruvian Cotton which may be very sturdy, breathable and washer-friendly with double sewing and reinforcements all the way through
Adjustable have compatibility for the stomach or chest house fits even essentially the most slim pups


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