Current USA Dual Ramp Timer Light

Simulates a gentle sunrise/sunset, moonlight
Adjustable intensity adjustment, on-demand color control
Plug-and-play, easy to use and program


Mimic a natural morning sunrise and evening sunset each day. The Dual Ramp Timer is a completely programmable 24 hour LED lighting fixtures controller that Now not simplest turns your lighting fixtures off and on, it also simulates gentle sunrise, sunset and moonlight to your critters. Designed for both freshwater and marine aquariums, it is very simple to make use of and slowly acclimates animals to the brilliant light that LEDs produce. Featuring two independent lighting fixtures channels, each and every channel can also be programmed for on/off times, in addition to minimum and maximum intensity/brightness. At each and every pre-programmed ion time, the Dual Ramp Timer slowly begins to mimic a morning sunrise by gently increasing the lighting fixtures level of each and every channel over 15 minutes. When the programmed off time is reached, it step by step dims the sunshine over 15 minutes, ending at your minimum intensity setting – simulating a soft dusk to nighttime. If you need a few lunar lighting fixtures, simply set your blue channel to a low intensity and the moon will glow all night. By mimicking daybreak and dusk, your animals are equipped a calming adjustment to full brightness and darkness, helping to stop any surprising or stressful light shock. Day after today, the schedule starts all over the place again, creating a natural circadian rhythm to the 24 hour light-dark cycle.
Simulates a steady sunrise/sunset, moonlight
Adjustable intensity adjustment, on-demand color regulate
Plug-and-play, simple to make use of and program
Now not compatible with Satellite+ LED Fixture


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