Dosckocil (Petmate) CDS22007 Plastic Hi-Back Cat Litter Pan, Large, Assorted

Hi-back cat litter pan controls litter scatter and spray
Ideal litter box for large cats or those with messy litter habits
High back offers protection from mess while lower entrance makes it easy to get into and out of


This product has a perfect efficiency, high quality and worth. Hello-back muddle pan has a raised back to lend a hand include muddle scatter.. With micro ban antimicrobial.. 18.6 l x 14.7 w x 9.8 h.. Manufacturer: PETMATE INC
Hello-back cat muddle pan controls muddle scatter and spray
Perfect muddle box for massive cats or the ones with messy muddle behavior
Prime back provides coverage from mess even as decrease front makes it simple to get into and out of
To be had in Assorted colours such as Blue and Grey and big dimension
Measures 18-3/five-inch duration via 14-2/3-inch width via nine-four/five-inch top


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