DuoClenz Rawhide Chews for Medium Dogs [11-24 lbs] (30 count)

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This record is for a brand spanking new merchandise with a assured contemporary expiration date. Twin-Enzymatic, Flavorful Chews to assist stay tooth blank and freshen breath. The rawhide abrasive texture and the mix of enzymes Glucose Oxidase plus Lactoperoxidase (from the Dried Whey Protein Listen) assist save you plaque and tartar build-up and stay the tooth blank. The palatable chicken taste makes it an actual deal with! A patented procedure to use the enzymes at the floor of a single-layer rawhide bite (for more uncomplicated digestion) creates a bursting impact of enzymatic process instantly whilst the saliva hits the bite, which permits for sooner acting effects over a bite impregnated with enzymes.


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