DuPont Virkon-S 50-Tablet Disinfectant for Pets, 5gm

A broad spectrum veterinary disinfectant
Starts killing bacteria in 5 minutes
Kills 31 different bacterial strains, 58 different viruses and 6 different fungi with no evidence of resistance


Virkon S is a balanced, stabilized mix of peroxygen compounds, surfactant, natural acids and inorganic buffer. Virkon S is really helpful to be used as a troublesome floor disinfectant in cattle manufacturing and transportation amenities. Virkon S provides 99.9999% kill of a lot of pathogens together with 31 bacterial traces, 58 viruses and 6 fungi without a proof of resistance, getting rid of the wish to rotate disinfectants to steer clear of resistance buildup.
A huge spectrum veterinary disinfectant
Begins killing micro organism in 5 mins
Kills 31 other bacterial traces, 58 other viruses and 6 other fungi without a proof of resistance


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