Eheim AEH4005300 Intake Set 594 Canister Filters Parts for Aquarium

16/22mm = 5/8″ ID
For suction side (intake) of all filters using 5/8″ ID tubing
The EHEIM Installation SETs allows you to decide about the water flow in your aquarium


Universal intake Deploy kit for sixteen/22mm (594) tubing. Kit contains: 2 suction cups with clips, hose coupling, set of sealing jewelry, inlet strainer, cap, connector entire with cup and sealing jewelry for hose. A elementary set for attaching to the inlet aspect of all external filters. With this set you’ll make a decision where the water might be sucked into the aquarium. A totally Protected and watertight hose and InstallationsSET1 connection. Relying in your preference the suction pipe will also be lengthened or shortened. Simple cleaning of the hose with out elimination. Protected, permanent attachment within the tank with EHEIM high quality suction cups.
sixteen/22mm = five/8″ ID
For suction aspect (intake) of all filters the usage of five/8″ ID tubing
The EHEIM Deploy SETs means that you can make a decision concerning the water float for your aquarium
Additionally to be had in 12/16mm (494) dimension (1/2″ ID)


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