Eheim Classic External Canister Filter 2215


The Classic circle of relatives of canister filters feature moderately tailored external canisters and are equipped with top of the range components . Classic filters provide low cost reliable prime filtration. You’ll’t go fallacious when you select a Classic model. What’s more, they feature EHEIM smooth, quiet operation and complicated functionality. This Clear out taste has been available on the market for years and feature been proven millions of times. Through the years, the Classics have develop into the fundamental model of EHEIM external canister filters, they’re referred to as an exceptionally reliable, prime filtration unit at a very good value. With their low power consumption these models have set the usual of their class. Permo-elastic silicon sealing ring, fixed at the pump head for simple and secure closing after cleaning. Accessories included with 2215:Spray Bar, Inlet Pipe, Hose and installation accessories. Comes with valves (North American version). Technical Data: -Aquarium size as much as approx. US gal: 92 -Pump output approx. US gal/h: 164. Clear out float rates made up our minds with media loaded. Other manufacturers would possibly provide float rates with water simplest. -Delivery head approx. Hmax ft: 5’11” -Power Consumption W: 15 -Canister Volume US gal: 1.25 -Clear out Volume: 1.10 Replacement Media (NOT INCLUDED): -2616151 2X coarse Clear out pads -2616155 3X fine Clear out pads -2628150 3x activated carbon pads -2616150 Clear out Wadding


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