Naturally stimulates red blood cell production
Optimizes oxygen levels and muscle performance
Supercharges speed, endurance and recovery


EPO Equine was once scientifically engineered to naturally stimulate the production of EPO (erythropoietin) with out using medication. EPO will increase red blood cellular telephone levels and blood volume leading to increased blood sporting capability. Whilst this occurs your horse will be capable to run or carry out at a sooner or more rigorous % for an extended time frame. The all natural ingredients are really helpful to horses of every age, efficiency levels and disciplines. The ingredients within the patent-pending formula cope with the 4 top limitations on red blood cellular telephone production: EPO levels Red blood cellular telephone vitamins Iron availability Irritation Serving Measurement 1 scoop, servings per container 360
Naturally stimulates red blood cellular telephone production
Optimizes oxygen levels and muscle efficiency
Supercharges speed, staying power and recovery
All Natural ingredients; secure, legal and efficient
Measurement: 360 Servings


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