Safe to use on all animal species
Heals from the inside out, Speeds the formation of healthy tissue
Contains antimicrobial properties, Reduces the amount of scarring


Introducing our contemporary addition to the Precision circle of relatives, Precision EquiDerm! Precision EquiDerm is a revolutionary new wound gel. The mix of Benzalkonium Chloride and Natural Egg Membrane no longer best kills 99.9% of bacterial and fungus but increases the regrowth in healthy tissue at a great rate! What’s even better is that it really works for all animal species! A clinical have a look at showed 75% of wounds demonstrated visible granulated tissue after only one week of day-to-day use. Egg membrane is without doubt one of the such a lot powerful new ingredients in the marketplace as of late. Contemporary studies show that the proteins which can be found within the egg membrane such as transforming growth factor-B, elastin, collagen, lyozyme, and glucosamines can induce skin healing on wounds of such a lot size and severities. Nothing works better to get rid of 99.99% of all viral, fungal and bacterial pathogens even as preventing long term infections than Benzalkonium Chloride. In combination these two ingredients create probably the most easiest wound gels in the marketplace as of late! Week one 75% experienced an increase in red beefy granulation Week two Over 90% saw a measurable decrease in in wound size Precision EquiDerm Wound Gel is the primary animal wound product to mix skin healing elements of egg membrane protein with the antimicrobial capacity of Benzalkonium Chlorid
Protected to make use of on all animal species
Heals from the interior out, Speeds the formation of healthy tissue
Accommodates antimicrobial properties, Reduces the volume of scarring
Accommodates Transforming B Factors that increases skin elastin’s and collagen. Rebuilds the Tissue from the interior out.
Burns, Skin Irritations, Hot spots, Scratches, Rain Rot, Skin lacerations, Scratches, Abrasions, Cuts, Post Surgical Incisions


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