Essential Needs Skin Therapy – 4 oz Bottle

• Great for dry flaky skin, hot spots, atopy & other skin irritations.
• Contains all natural Essential Fatty Acids.


Is your pet suffering with dry itchy skin? Pet Skin Therapy is perfect for warm spots, pet skin irritations, and other pet skin issues. Our 4 oz. bottle is excellent to your pets’ home medicine cabinet! Apply a small quantity immediately to the world that wishes relief and gently massage into skin. Because our Pet Skin Therapy Accommodates fat, many animals like to eat it. ha! It’s one hundred% all-natural and not using a harmful ingredients. It is best if You’ll stay your pet from licking the Pet Skin Therapy for awhile after applying it so it has a possibility to soak up into the outside. You’ll apply this product to any house of the outside for warm spots, eczema, atopy, pet psoriasis, insect bites, burns, wiped clean wounds and any pet skin problem. Pet Skin Therapy for dog, cat, and ferret skin issues. Is helping soothe irritated dry skin, hot spots and pet eczema. Stock up lately and do not put out of your mind to inform your friends and family all about Pet Skin Doctor pet merchandise.
• Great for dry flaky skin, hot spots, atopy & other skin irritations.
• Accommodates all natural Crucial Fatty Acids.


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