Finnex Monster Ray Aquarium Color Enhancing LED Strip

Finnex Unibody Ultra Slim High Output LED
Multicolor LED Chip Array
Ultimate Color Enhancing Output


The Finnex Unibody Ultra Narrow Monster RAY LED is A singular fixture developed to spotlight user’s so much prized aquatics together with Arowanas, Flower horns, Goldfish, and the like. The use of the body of Finnex’s widespread RAY 2 LEDs, two rows of multi-colored were inserted. The mix of all LEDs intensifies all colors of the aquatic inhabitants, creating an aquarium of true display items. Each and every LED bulb is composed of 3 fastened colors: Red, Inexperienced and Blue. Although the unit is stylishly Narrow built, the LEDs have a optical unfold of 120 degrees. All models feature a moisture resistant PC Splash Guard to offer protection to against water mishaps. The sturdy Prime output LED bulbs are built to last 40,000+ hours. A singular leg fixture permits this LED gentle to mount on more than a few sized aquariums and sump setups. To increase LED bulb longevity, the circuit boards are built with top quality aluminum and the fixture itself acts as the warmth sync to permit ample cooling and superior warmth dissipation.
Finnex Unibody Ultra Narrow Prime Output LED
Multicolor LED Chip Array
Final Color Enhancing Output
Easiest for: Arowanas, Flower horns, Goldfish, Exotics and the like.
19W: 64 Multicolor LEDs


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