Furryfreshness Premium Pet Stain & Smell Remover

Odorless, environmentally friendly, non-toxic, safe to use around children, pets as well as plants
Contains no enzymes, harsh chemicals or bleach
Works excellent on house breaking puppies by eliminating the odor that attracts them


FurryFreshness is an environmentally friendly pet stain and smell remover that gets rid of both stains and scents from even the hardest of situations. Use FurryFreshness on carpets, bedding, upholstery in addition to other washable fabrics. Being fragrance free implies that FurryFreshness is not going to just mask the odors with a fragrance but will permanently get rid of the smell. You’ll be able to use FurryFreshness on: Pee – Poo – Puke – Sweat – Smells – Blood & MORE! Majority of alternative stain and odor getting rid of treatments are made with enzyme type products. The issue with enzyme type products in stain and odor eliminators is that enzymes best work in essentially the most ideal of situations. FurryFreshness is unlike some other pet stain and odor eliminator you’ve got ever used. Combining the utilization of oxygen FurryFreshness works to wreck down the odor causing gas molecules to basic compounds in order that there are not any smells remaining. In the long run permanently getting rid of both the smell along side the stain.
Odorless, environmentally friendly, non-toxic, secure to make use of around youngsters, pets in addition to plants
Incorporates no enzymes, harsh chemicals or bleach
Works very good on house breaking puppies by getting rid of the odor that draws them
Permanently gets rid of all stains and scents associated with pets and humans by killing the bacteria that causes them
FurryFreshness WILL dispose of one hundred% of your pet’s stains & smells.


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