Happybuy 50″ Professional Stainless Steel Pet Dog Grooming Bath Tub with Faucet Walk-in Ramp & Accessories


50″ Professional Stainless Steel Pet Dog Grooming Tub with Tap and Walk-in Ramp & Accessories

This professional dog pet Stainless-steel bathtub features the entire convenience of nowadays’s groomer want and desires. Tub is manufactured from rust resistant 16-gauge Stainless-steel. Back-splash and side-splashes will also be got rid of for greater versatility and have water-resistant seals when it’s assembled for traditional use.


Color: SilverMaterial: Stainless-steel

Weight capacity: 260lbs/120kg

Dimensions: 50″X15.6″X60″/1270X400X1510mm

N.W.: 163lbs/73.8kg

Packing size: 53″X29.5″X29.5″/1350X750X750mm

G.W.: 216lbs/98kg

Assembly Instructions

Place the tub right at the chassis, use screws to fasten bathtub and chassis.

Set the sponge washing machine into the hourglass and put them in combination into the opening where within the bottom of bath, then set rubber washing machine(keep the thread side down) into the hourglass from the ground of bath, and tighten with plastiv ring. In spite of everything, connect water provide hose and tighten the screw at the hose for preventing loss.

Put one side of sponge pads of right, left and back flapboard at the box, then use screws fixing these flapboard. (The fitting, left and back flapboard also wish to be fixed by screws). Place the bar at the assembled left and right side panel, aligning hole and tighten with screws.

Put the footboard within the bathtub.

Assemble the soap dish and screw at the two long waist-shaped hole on right side pannel, tighten screws after position adjusted.

The Tap water inlet throughout the two large holes at the right side panel, wring the adapter onto yhr other side of the water inlet.

Connect the 2 ends of hose to the hole of Tap and the inlet of shower and tighten them, then clip the shower into shower rack.

Connect two water inlet pipes to the opposite side of the adapter and tighten to forestall leakage.


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