HealthyPets EfaLyt Creme Rinse Remedy, 12 fl. oz.

Optimal ph Balanced
Essential Fatty Acids
Contains Emollients, Emulsifiers and Natural Moisturizing


EfaLyt Crème Rinse is a hypoallergenic method with emollients and emulsifiers for conditioning of the puppy’s pores and skin and hair coat. Herbal moisturizing elements advertise hydration, whilst Crucial fatty acids refill the epidermal barrier and help within the keep an eye on of flaking and scaling of pores and skin on Canine, cats, and horses. This crème rinse has the Top of the line ph stability to be delicate and improves the luster and sheen of the animal’s hair coat whilst decreasing static electrical energy, tangles, and snarls. Use along with EfaLyt Hypoallergenic Shampoo.
Top of the line ph Balanced
Crucial Fatty Acids
Accommodates Emollients, Emulsifiers and Herbal Moisturizing
Reduces static electrical energy, tangles and snarls.
For Use In: Canine, Cats, & Horses


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