Laughing Dog CD

Audio Recording of Dog Laughter Sounds
Reduces Stress Related Behaviors in Shelter Dogs
Some Dog Owner’s use the CD to calm their dogs at home

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This audio recording of Canines taking part in has been defined as Canine LaughterTM through Patricia Simonet, an animal behaviorist, who first recorded the sounds in 2001. Her findings have been first offered at a systematic conference (Simonet 2001) and achieved all over the world press protection. Later she examined the recording on the Spokane animal shelter and printed some other paper (Simonet 2005) suggesting that the sounds may just cut back stress Comparable behaviors in shelter Canines and therefore building up their adoptability. Since then, PeTalk has shipped loads of CD’s to shelters all over the world. Simonet, P.R., Murphy, M., & Lance, A. (2001 July). Giggling Canine: Vocalizations of family Canines throughout play encounters. Paper offered on the meeting of the Animal Conduct Society, Corvallis, OR. Simonet, P.R., Donna Versteeg, Dan Storie (2005 August). Canine-Laughter: Recorded playback reduces stress Comparable Conduct in shelter Canines. Proceedings of the seventh World Conference on Environmental Enrichment, New York, NY.
Audio Recording of Canine Laughter Sounds
Reduces Stress Comparable Behaviors in Shelter Canines
A few Canine Owner’s use the CD to calm their Canines at home
A few Canine Owner’s use the CD to cut back separation anxiety
A few Canine Owner’s use the CD to assist their puppies regulate to their new home


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