Liter Meter 3 Remote Pump Module G6

Absolutely the Quietest pump on the market
Now includes a 5-Year Limited Warranty!
Latest-Generation 6 (-G6) Version


LM3-RPM Faraway Pump Module features a LiterMeter peristaltic dosing pump fastened in it is personal compact enclosure, cable, and a plug for connection to a Liter Meter III Dosing Machine. LM3-RPMs will also be delivered to, and independently run and regulated, by way of an present LM3-one hundred fifteen or LM3-230 unit.
The absolute Quietest pump in the marketplace
Now features a five-Yr Restricted Guaranty!
Contemporary-Era 6 (-G6) Model
Attracts up from 25ft, Pumps as much as 60ft!
Self-priming and Anti-siphoning


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