Liter Meter 3 Water Exchagne Module G6

For use with all LiterMeter III Dosing Systems
Now includes a 5-Year Limited Warranty!
Latest Generation 6 (G6) Version


The LiterMeterIII Water Trade Module is a compact LiterMeter III pump module with a in-built water stage sensor managed transfer. The WXM is designed to be use as a Liter Meter far flung pump module, alternatively energy to this pump is interrupted whilst tank water rises to the preset stage without reference to Liter Meter controller programming. WXM provides an exterior (Gen6) pump with impartial overflow keep watch over to any LiterMeterIII Dosing Device. Features a precision Gen6 peristaltic metering pump and sensor tube keep watch over meeting.
To be used with all LiterMeter III Dosing Methods
Now Features a five-12 months Restricted Guaranty!
Up to date Technology 6 (G6) Model
Attracts up from 25ft, Pumps as much as 60ft!
Self-priming and Anti-siphoning


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