Litter Locker Refill Cartridge 5 pk

Convenient 5 Pack
Refill system seals out odors
5Layer odor barrier bag works with Litter Locker and Litter Locker Plus


The Clutter Locker Machine is confirmed to assist Cat Homeowners get rid of Clutter clumps simply and stay their house smelling contemporary. Cat Fans use Clutter Locker as a result of soiled cat Clutter should be scooped from Clutter every day. Doing away with soiled Clutter in your house trash or outdoor is a nuisance particularly while maintaining a blank Clutter field and controlling smell is of number one worry. Clutter Locker refills are a part of a very easy-to-use Machine that locks in odors.
Handy 5 Percent
Fill up Machine seals out odors
5Layer smell barrier bag works with Clutter Locker and Clutter Locker Plus


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