Lumino Canine Calm Balm 1 oz

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Lumino – Canine Calm Balm – 1 oz. (30g) Calm Balm is an all-natural product constructed from herbs proven to have a calming effect on canines.It’s highly effective, completely secure, and does not lead to lethargy or mental confusion. Free of uncomfortable side effects and secure for long term use.Suitable forcanines of every age and sizes. Because manycanines be afflicted by anxiety, resulting in beside the point, unwanted behaviors.This anti-anxiety formula could also be step one toward alleviating apprehension and ensuring a more fit, happier, animal.Combined with regular exercise and training, will increase concentration and ease tensions. Helps to calm animals right through many activities: Beach trips Bridge crossings Working with sheep First time showing or canineswith show anxiety Especially effective for enabling youngercanines to center of attention right through training sessions. Other situations that can require temporary relief to assuage and restore tranquility include: Visits by vets. Would possibly get rid of the will for mild sedation. Adjusting to new surroundings. Loud noises Adapting to the lack of a companion. About Lumino As a woman of a certain age,Bard Toddbecame more acutely aware of her changing appearance and used to be none too pleased.Even thoughBarbTodd is healthy, exercises often, and eats most commonly organic whole foods, her old regimen wasn’t working.Barb Toddneeded something more. There are lots of wonderful beauty and health products to be had. They simply were not solving Barb Todd’s problems.As an Argentine tango dancerBarb Toddwas especially eager about her feet.Barb todd’s initial attempts produced Lumino’s first product, the Himalayan salt and organic coconut oil scrub. It wasn’t long beforeBarbToddstarted to note changes in her feet; the softness and suppleness were improved.NowBarb Toddcould dance for hours without getting sore feet.


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