Marineland Bio Wheel Assembly for Penguin 200B & 350B

200B & 350B
Length: 2
Width: 2


Marineland/Aquaria Bio Wheel Meeting Substitute for the NEW Penguin 100B, Penguin 150B, Penguin 200B and 350B.  Marineland/Aquaria Bio-Wheel must no longer get replaced until broken.   The water go with the flow out of your clear out drives the Bio-Wheel. Because the Bio-Wheel rotates, a good suggestion micro organism develop and thrive on its tremendous dense floor. As water flows, the Bio-Wheel removes ammonia and nitrite on touch. Bio-Wheel is for all Eclipse, Explorer, Penguin, Emperor and Magnum merchandise.
200B & 350B
Duration: 2
Width: 2
Top: 6


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