MERCK AH EQUINE D 456915 Safe-Guard Dog Dewormer

Safe-Guard Dog Dewormer 456915. DOG GROOMING SUPPLIES
Manufacturer: MERCK AH EQUINE D
Manufacturer part number: 033576/001-033576


This product has a really perfect efficiency, high quality and worth. For remedy and keep an eye on of roundworms, hookworms, whipworms and tapeworms.. To be used in canines.. Can be utilized on younger domestic dogs, debilitated canines, pregnant women and heartworm inflamed canines.. Very similar to prescription formulation, however now to be had in retail outlets, Secure-Protect can provide vast spectrum remedy for worms.. Secure for domestic dogs a minimum of 6 weeks antique.. Day by day dose: 22.7mg/lb. Deal with for 3 days in a row.. Producer: MERCK AH EQUINE D.
Secure-Protect Canine Dewormer 456915. DOG GROOMING SUPPLIES
Producer phase quantity: 033576/001-033576


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