Odorzout Pet All-Surface Granules, 30 Ounces

All-natural method of ridding your home of pet odors
Comprised of 100-percent American-mined zeolite minerals
Completely safe for pets and people

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ODORZOUT Puppy All Floor Granules Gets rid of Puppy Odors on any Floor interior or open air, urine from carpet padding & floor with out lifting carpet. Simply sprinkle flippantly, go away in a single day (a fan on low at all times is helping) then vaccum or sweep away. Works nice on furnishings and bedding. Protected to your pets although they devour it. Works on small animal bedding and cages.
All-herbal means of ridding your house of Puppy odors
Constructed from one hundred-p.c American-mined zeolite minerals
Utterly Protected for pets and other folks
Works interior and out of doors
Bottles and labels fabricated from recycled fabrics


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