Odyssea CFS500 Aquarium Canister Filter for up to 100 Gallon, 500GPH

Pump: 500 GPH Internal
Filter Media: filter pad, filter sponges
For up to 75g to 100g setups


That is an all-in-one external canister Clear out for any freshwater or marine aquarium. This item Comprises the entire Portions, media, and accessories you wish to have right out of the box. No further Portions wanted. The CFS500 Fundamental is a 3 stage filtration system that gets rid of debris and wastes for crystal transparent water. The tough and strategically placed pump lets in for super silent operation in contrast to standard best fastened pump. Glide rate is 500GPH and can work with as much as 100 gallon aquariums. Options: – Dimensions – 11.50″ x 14.50″ x 17.00″ – Portions and tubing add 4.00″ in height – Glide rate: 500 GPH – Ultra silent operation in comparison to best mount motor – Multi stage filteration system – Convenient close off valve for simple upkeep – Comprises all media: Clear out pad, sponge – Appropriate for freshwater and marine – Comprises all Portions: Plug and Play – Body colour: dark grey Package Comprises: 1x CFS500 external canister Clear out 1x Plumbing set 1x Clear out pad 1x Clear out sponge
Pump: 500 GPH Internal
Clear out Media: Clear out pad, Clear out sponges
For as much as 75g to 100g setups
To be used with freshwater, saltwater, coral reef


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