Omega Paw Paw-Cleaning Litter Mat, Tan

Angled louvers capture and hide litter keeping your floor looking clean
Omega paw cleaning litter mat
Manufactured in Canada


Cat homeowners delight in some great benefits of having the Paw Cleansing Muddle Mat. The Muddle mat is designed to take away Muddle that turns into lodged in cat’s paws. Angled louvers that run around the mat, seize and conceal the Muddle from view as cats stroll throughout it. For a blank and tasty way to cat Muddle mess, select the Omega Paw, Paw Cleansing Muddle mat.

Paw Cleansing Muddle Mat

The Omega Paw Paw Cleansing Muddle Mat is designed to take away Muddle that turns into lodged in a cat’s paw. The Muddle mat is a blank and tasty resolution for cat Muddle messes.

    • Compliments Roll Away Self-Cleansing Muddle Field perfectly
    • Contains spills and messes
    • Non slip material
    • Simple and efficient
    • Easy to clean
    • Fun and tasty paw shape

    Angled louvers seize and conceal Muddle protecting your flooring having a look blank
    Omega paw Cleansing Muddle mat
    Synthetic in Canada


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