Omlet Eglu Cube Chicken Coop with 2m Secure Steel Mesh Run and Wheels – Leaf Green – Easy To Clean Plastic


A Complete Chicken House Package

The new Eglu Cube comes complete with the whole lot you want to get began including the no-spill food and water containers. The home is fitted with comfortable roosting bars, a big slide-out dropping tray and an integrated nest box. Collecting eggs is easy during the eggport. Raised up on a sturdy frame with an improved non-slip ladder it is the convenient option to keep a big flock of hens.

The Most Predator-Resistant House Available

The Eglu Cube is probably the most protected chicken house available on the market. All of the doors are secured by locking rotary latches, and the 2m run is constructed from strong steel weld mesh, unattainable for predators to break. A unique anti-tunnel skirt sits flat at the ground and discourages digging predators like Foxes and Badgers tunnelling in.

Spend less time cleaning and more time along with your chickens.

The Eglu Cube makes light work of the weekly clean. Inside chickens have a big roosting area fitted with a slatted floor. All of the droppings fall during the slats onto the slide-out dropping tray, which can then be simply emptied onto the compost heap. Eliminate the back panel and you’ll be able to also Eliminate the nesting box, roosting bars and partition for cleaning. In not up to 5 minutes you’ll be able to have your chickens coop spotlessly clean.

Flexible Design

Collecting your eggs each and every morning is a day-to-day delight and the Eggport at the side of the brand new Eglu Cube means it couldn’t be any further convenient.

Flexible Design

With the Eglu’s spacious 2m run you can have the peace of mind of a protected outside space to your hens that may be enlarged the usage of the run extensions or by connecting it to certainly one of Omlet’s popular Walk in Runs. The purpose designed wheels make your chicken’s dream coop a breeze to move around your garden, permitting them to enjoy pastures new.


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