Organic Oscar Anxiety Relief Spray

Ideal for fear and anxiety from any stressful event (such as vet visit, separation anxiety, travel, bad weather)
Formulated with lavender oil to help relieve and calm nervous puppies and dogs from general anxiety
Can also be used in between bath to maintain shiny and fresh scented coat

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Lavender oil has lengthy been utilized in choice medication and such a lot regularly in fragrance. Natural Oscar introduces its anxiety aid spray the usage of the aromatherapy to lend a hand calm and relieve domestic dogs and canine from common worry and anxiety.
Perfect for worry and anxiety from any anxious experience (corresponding to vet consult with, separation anxiety, commute, unhealthy climate)
Formulated with lavender oil to lend a hand relieve and calm frightened domestic dogs and canine from common anxiety
May also be utilized in among bathtub to deal with glossy and recent scented coat


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