Pet Agree Ultrasonic Training Aid

Silent/Ultrasonic Tone-Natural attention getter ” to the pet
Long Range Sound
Comes with a long battery life

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The Pet-Agree coaching help is a compact, hand-held software used to assist maximize and scale back your coaching time. The Pet-Agree produces a definite, ultrasonic tone whilst activated in an effort to assist naturally interrupt the pets behavior and supply for its full consideration on your commands. The Pet-Agree is superb for fundamental coaching and behaviour amendment. It’s really a humane Pavlovian software according to the rules of classical and operant coaching. The Pet-Agree can be utilized for coaching to assist prevent your dog from jumping up on folks, over the top barking, chasing vehicles, biting or clawing, digging or use it to assist give protection to yourself and your dog even as out. The Pet Agree can cut down your coaching time from months to weeks.
Silent/Ultrasonic Tone-Natural consideration getter ” to the pet
Long Vary Sound
Comes with a protracted battery existence
Use in coaching for cats
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