Pet Botanics ECollars Assorted Colors XLarge (Neck Size: 12 1/4″21″)


NEW Pet Botanics ECollars Assorted Colours XLarge (Neck Size: 15.25″20″) Relieve your pet’s unending cycle of biting, licking and scratching.Secure, light-weight and comfy ECollar with padded neckline stops your pet’s selfinflicted wound aggravation and permits topical medications to be effective.Clear collar permits your pet to care for his peripheral imaginative and prescient.Size XLarge (Neck Size: 15.25″20″)Instructions Instructions: Every ECollar has distinctive snaps on one facet of the collar. Merely place the collar snugly, however no longer tight sufficient to choke, across the pet’s neck. Line up the snaps to the correctly situated holes at the opposite facet of the collar and press in combination.To snap the ECollar into the chosen holes: Get started at one finish of the snap. Position two fingers beneath the snap and hole. Firmly reinforce the collar from beneath. Push down one finish of the snap. Repeat procedure at the finish of the snap.If the ECollar remains to be too loose, Merely attach the ECollar for your pet’s collar with gauze or string.


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