Pro Biostatin Equine Probiotic (454 gm) by GLC


Professional Biostatinreg; Equine Probiotic helps wholesome gastrointestinal serve as in horses with a complement that may be simple to administer. This powdered probiotic supplies abundant amounts of a good suggestion micro organism that naturally give a boost to your horse’s digestive purposes. The complement could also be formulated with herbal licorice taste that horses love. Professional Biostatin Equine Probiotic is available in a canister containing 454 grams of the powder to offer an abundant quantity in your horse. The box additionally features a 10 gram scoop that makes it simple to administer the proper quantity in your horse. Settle your horse’s abdomen and give a boost to their immune well being with this probiotic complement and order it in your equine nowadays Key Options: Promotes wholesome gastrointestinal and immune purposes Comprises 454 grams of powder Over 500 Million CFU of probiotics


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