Real Rabbit Fur Pom Pom Ball Cat Toy – Colorful Flying Fuzz Balls

100% Real Rabbit Fur in Brand New Colors
Assorted Kitten Colors, Soft Pink, Light Blue, Purple, Pale Yellow, Sea Green
Measures about 1 1/2 inch to 2 inches

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Cats and Kittens loves those Actual rabbit fur balls. Brings out the herbal searching instincts for your feline. Cats will in truth lightly elevate the ball of their mouth, best possible toy for teaching your cat to play fetch. My cat in truth flings the ball within the air and chases it. Cats move crazy for this toy so be sure and purchase masses for again up.
one hundred% Actual Rabbit Fur in Emblem New Colours
Diverse Kitten Colours, Comfortable Red, Gentle Blue, Red, Faded Yellow, Sea Inexperienced
Measures about 1 half inch to 2 inches
Rabbit fur Pom Pom Balls best possible cat toy for Cats or Kittens
Cat Toys – Heaps of A laugh in your Cat or Kitten
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