Real Rabbit Fur Pom Pom Ball Cat Toys 6-pack

Real rabbit fur cat toys; natural colors: 3 white & 3 grey
Be safe ALWAYS watch your cat when playing with all cat toys
Each ball measure approximately 1-2 inches diameter

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Catrageous cat toys takes nice pleasure in providing cat toys that pleasure, have interaction and entertain your pussycat family member. Cats and kittens, each, to find the true rabbit fur sexy. They’ll toss those pom pom fur balls within the air, bat them round and play fetch. Energetic cats are fitter cats. Imported.
Actual rabbit fur cat toys; herbal colours: 3 white & 3 gray
Be protected ALWAYS watch your cat while taking part in with all cat toys
Each and every ball degree roughly 1-2 inches diameter
Brings out the herbal looking instincts of cats and kittens
Cat toys are imported.
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