Remedy + Recovery E-Collar, X-Large

Please check size chart and measure dogs neck prior to purchase.
Xlarge fits 12.25″ to 21″ neck size of dog. Lightweight & Transparent – Reduces Anxiety of Tunnel Vision
Safer than other Elizabethan Collars Because it Does not Block Vision. Easy to Adjust for Perfect Fit. Comfortable and Humane


Light-weight plastic part circle with vinyl padded neck for added comfort. Folds and snaps to shape a cone across the animal ‘s neck to stop it from chewing or licking a sensitive house, bandages, wounds or open sores. Special holes on the neckline permit for attaching to collar to carry the snaps at the back of the top and make allowance for total peripheral Imaginative and prescient.
Please test size chart and measure dogs neck prior to buy.
Xlarge fits 12.25″ to 21″ neck size of dog. Light-weight & Clear – Reduces Anxiety of Tunnel Imaginative and prescient
More secure than different Elizabethan Collars As it Does no longer Block Imaginative and prescient. Simple to Alter for Very best Have compatibility. Comfy and Humane
Is helping Conquer Lick-Bite, Itch-Scratch Cycle. Ends Self-Inflicted Wound Aggravation or Mutilation.
Lets in Tropical Medications to be Effective,Lets in Healing and Happen. Padded Neckline for Comfort.
Note: Kindly refer sizing chart for reference


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