ScoopFree Automatic Litter Box Privacy Hood

Helps reduce litter tracking and odor
Gives your cat a private, secluded bathroom
Compatible with ScoopFree Original and Ultra Self-Cleaning Litter Boxes


Supply your cat just a little Clutter box privacy with the ScoopFree Privacy Hood. The removable hood Offers cats a personal rest room at the same time as keeping each odor and Clutter within the box and away from your own home. Open within the entrance with a quite see-regardless that end, the hood permits different cats to peer while the box is occupied. You’ll be able to additionally stack further trays on most sensible of the hood for area-saving comfort.
Is helping cut back Clutter monitoring and odor
Offers your cat a personal, secluded rest room
Compatible with ScoopFree Unique and Ultra Self-Cleaning Clutter Boxes
Fits ScoopFree Self-Cleaning Clutter Boxes (offered one at a time)


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