Serengeti® -12lbs

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Your feline hunter can be smiling like a pussy cat with the lions percentage of the Serengeti Serengeti® Grain Free Felid Vitamin contains what nature actually intends on your cat to eat. The herbal meals in Serengeti® are moderately designed to completely mimic the nutritious diet of a wild cat. This carnivore particular Vitamin comprises over eight pounds of hen and fish meal in each and every 16 and a part pounds of food. A uniquely balanced mix of top protein, omega-3 and omega-6 very important fatty acids and focused sources of wealthy vitamins very important for the well being of your feline. Serengeti® Grain Free Felid Vitamin comprises a lions percentage of top ranges of the supreme high quality animal proteins and different nutrient wealthy meals which are simply digested for the relaxation of your pet.


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