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Replacement wands available and sold separately
Encourages healthy activity
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Feather Whirl Electronic Motion Toy The Feather Whirl combines the thrill of a wand toy with the automated and erratic motion of an electronic cat toy. The weighted base of the Feather Whirl creates a unique wobble motion at the same time as the actual spinning feathers on the tip of the wand turn on your cat’s natural instinct to swat and pounce. The whisper-quiet motor activates with a touch of a button. Feather Whirl is guaranteed to turn into one in every of your cat’s favorite toys! Feather Whirl Features Whisper-quiet motor that may not scare cats Simple push-button on/off Feathery wand attachment screws into base so it may not detach all through play Weighted base creates unique wobble motion Outer casing made with recycled plastic Safety tested to child safety standards Requires 2 AA batteries (no longer included) SmartyKat Complete Needs System: Exercise SmartyKat’s Complete Needs System is helping you be mindful your cat’s emotional, instinctual and physical needs and provides products to satisfy the ones needs. The Feather Whirl satisfies your cat’s need for exercise. Cats within the wild have predators and prey to motivate them to run and jump. Exercise is very important to keep cats mentally alert, physically have compatibility and at a healthy weight. Toys that feature motion and feathers turn on a cat’s natural instinct to chase and pounce, encouraging healthy activity at the same time as concurrently keeping them entertained. The Feather Whirl taps into these instincts with its erratic spinning motion. About SmartyKat SmartyKat products connect how cats and folks live and play in combination giving pet parents the most productive of all worlds: innovative product, stylish designs, and affordability multi functional place. Since 1990 Worldwise and our innovative brands have been committed to the usage of top of the range, environmentally responsible materials. Our SmartyKat products are made with recycled, reclaimed, organic and sustainable materials wherever conceivable. Each and every product meets or exceeds all applicable safety standards and is backed
Replacement wands to be had and sold one at a time
Encourages healthy activity
Hours of fun
Outer casing made with recycled plastic
SmartyKat products meet or exceed all applicable safety standards


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