Super Pet Critter Litter

Made of non-toxic 100% bentonite, an all natural minerals so it’s safe for your pet
CritterLitter absorbs moisture on contact and inhibits the bacteria that cause pet waste odor
CritterLitter is manufactured in special pearl shaped pellets that reduce the production of dust


Critter Muddle, 8-pound Bag. Top rate high quality potty coaching pearls are especially formulated to be ninety nine% mud unfastened and tremendous absorbent. The sanitary answer for spot coaching ferrets, rabbits, puppy rats and different small animals.
Product of non-poisonous one hundred% bentonite, an all herbal minerals so it is secure to your puppy
CritterLitter absorbs moisture on contact and inhibits the micro organism that result in puppy waste scent
CritterLitter is synthetic in different pearl formed pellets that scale back the manufacturing of mud
Critter Muddle, together with a potty coaching program, will scale back cage cleaning by means of 30% or more
Absorbs ten occasions its weight in water


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