T-Zon Healing Cream – for Pets – 2 ounce

Professional strength
Contains 1% hydrocortisone
Treats many skin conditions


T-ZON is a quick performing Skilled energy mix of natural Australian tea tree oil, 1% hydrocortisone, benzalkanium chloride, aloe vera, myrrh, comfrey, goldenseal and conditioning emollients in a relaxing vanishing cream base. This natural therapeutic cream aids within the remedy of scratches, galls and sores, and plenty of pores and skin prerequisites that can have a bacterial, fungal and/or inflammatory foundation. Instructions: Blank wound first, eliminating all grime and international subject material, then observe a small quantity of T-ZON therapeutic cream to wound and rub in lightly. Repeat 2 to 3 instances in step with day.
Skilled energy
Accommodates 1% hydrocortisone
Treats many pores and skin prerequisites


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