Tidy Cat BREEZE Cat Refill Pads 16.9″ x 11.4″ – (4 packs – 4ct)


How They Work

It’s creative!
BREEZE&#153 Cat Pads are simple-to-take care of and smell unfastened. Particularly-designed BREEZE™ Muddle Pellets permit urine to cross via to the BREEZE™ Cat Pad beneath, whilst leaving forged waste on best for fast, simple removing. Urine is instantly absorbed through an smell-controlling BREEZE™ Cat Pad in a protecting tray. Open up your own home to carefree dwelling. Allow in a cleanser, smell-unfastened breeze.
A package deal accommodates 4 Cat Pads. A Cat Pad lasts as much as one week with one cat and as much as 3 days for 2 cats. Insert the Cat Pad cushy-aspect up.


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