Trimline Soft Elizabethan Collar 12 inch

Soft and pliable
Hypo-allergenic material


The Trimline Veterinary Recovery Collar is a good, at ease, versatile Elizabethan-taste collar to be used with cats and dogs experiencing harm, surgery and trauma restraint prerequisites.
Trimline collars permit animals to eat, drink and sleep in comfort at the same time as providing a barrier to the remedy space from licking and biting. It’s soft, Light-weight and simply applied with a easy drawstring design.
These soft collars are utterly manufactured in the USA from a specially designed, laminated paper-like cloth that may be non-allergenic, nontoxic and waterproof. The collar will spring back to its original Elizabethan form.
Sizing: This collar will have to be capable to slip over your pet’s head with a purpose to put it on. The drawstring closure will safe it around your pet’s neck for a at ease are compatible. Collar will are compatible pets with a neck size over 20 inches
The 12 inches refers back to the distance from the neck-line to the out of doors fringe of the collar. For Xlarge dogs.
Soft and pliable
Hypo-allergenic subject material


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