Tunze USA 1073.110 Silence High Volume Recirculation Pump, 2900-Gallon

High pumping volume
1.5″ intake and output thread
Energy efficient


Tough and yet quiet TUNZE Silence PRO 1073.11 pump has been designed particularly for operation as a recirculation pump for aquarium filters with a Prime water column. It’s perfect for aquarium stores, huge aquariums, or if the filter out gadget is located beneath the aquarium, as an example, the filter out is within the cellar and the aquarium is at the first flooring. This pump is a synthesis between potency and high quality for an extremely low-upkeep continuous operation for a few years. It may be used as a submerged motor-pushed pump for salt and contemporary water or outdoor of the aquarium, and like any Silence pumps It’s particularly quiet.
Prime pumping extent
1.five” consumption and output thread
Power environment friendly


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