VetOne DuoClenz EnzymeCoated Dental Chews Small 30 count

Dual-Enzymatic, flavorful chews to help keep teeth clean and freshen breath.
The palatable poultry flavor makes it a real treat.
For dogs up to 11 lbs


The VetOne DuoClenz Rawhide Chews are comprised of sparsely decided on North American beef conceal that may be cut and cooked before being lined with a palatable enzymatic mix – a patented process is used to use the enzymes at the surface of the one-layer chew for more uncomplicated digestion, making a bursting impact of activity straight away whilst the saliva hits the chew – this permits for faster acting results, as an alternative of the opposite chews which might be impregnated with the enzymes – these yummy chook flavored treats are a good way to forestall plaque and tartar build-up and stay tooth blank !
Twin-Enzymatic, flavorful chews to lend a hand stay tooth blank and freshen breath.
The palatable chook flavor makes it an actual treat.
For dogs as much as 11 lbs


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