Wave-Point 48-Inch 216-Watt 4 Bulb High Output T-5 Retro-Fit Kit Lighting System

World’s most advanced aquatic lighting system
14x paradynamic light amplifying reflector
Moisture resistant end caps


Skilled T-five aquarium lights system which produces prime Gentle and lumen output with reduced warmth and effort consumption. Each and every Wave-point Gentle hood has independent 14 point paradynamic reflector for Each and every bulb that makes them as much as 30-% brighter than different HO T-five fixtures available on the market. Powered by a prime quality POD electronic ballast that may be Environment friendly and long lasting. Each and every unit can either by fastened in a cover or hung from the placing kit supplied. With a For safety each and every wave-point Gentle hood comes supplied with a premium UL listed GFCI plug and waterproof finish caps. Comprises: 2 by fifty four-watt sun wave lamps and 2 by fifty four-watt super blue wave lamps.


  • 14X Gentle Amplifying Paradynamic Reflector
  • Premium UL Listed GFCI Plug
  • On/Off Switch
  • Ultra-Silent and Energy Environment friendly Ballast
  • 2 SUN WAVE Lamps
  • 2 SUPERBLUE 460 Lamps
  • Canopy Mounting Bracket (10″)
  • Hanging Kit

Global’s such a lot complicated aquatic lights system
14x paradynamic Gentle amplifying reflector
Moisture resistant finish caps
UL listed premium GFCI plug
Able to make use of out of the box


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